Ridiculous Things to Leave at Home

Posted on April 2, 2016 By

When packing your suitcase, it can be a very stressful time, as you often are in a dilemma of deciding what exactly to pack. There are so many things that you can possibly bring, but simply you are limited by the space in your suitcase. This is where the tough decisions have to be made on which items must be left behind. As a start I have compiled the three most ridiculous things that you definitely should leave behind at home. These may sound ridiculous, but some people actually do try to pack them.

Ridiculous Item #1: For the ladies, your entire shoe collection

For the ladies out there, one of the first things to leave behind is your entire shoe collection. I do fully understand the importance of having selection and variety, and to be able to wear what is matching for the day, but simply to bring your full shoe store worth of shoes with you is not feasible.

If you really need variety during your trip, then I suggest you to bring along your top three favourite shoes: one for the day, one for the evening, and one as backup.

Ridiculous Item #2: For the men, your entire hardware collection

To be fair to the ladies, now it is time to talk about the men out there. One of the first things to leave behind is your entire hardware collection. I understand that sometimes we need to have the tools to be brought with us in case we may need to exercise some of our handy work skills. But the main problem with bringing these along is that it really increases the weight of your baggage.

If you still insist on bringing your knives, and screwdrivers, then the best alternative is to bring along a Swiss army knife. I bring my Swiss army knife along with me on all my trips, as they are compact and full of tools!

Ridiculous Item #3: Your entire computer system

Sometimes you may get carried away with bringing all your electronics with you on your trip. Although many of the electronics nowadays are compact, is it really necessary to bring everything? For example, is it really necessary to bring your laptop, plus the portable speakers, plus your iPad, plus your iPhone, plus your iPod, plus your digital cameras, and finally your portable PSP gaming console?

By bringing all these items can add weight to your luggage, and may increase your chances of losing them. Prioritize which items are most important to bring along, and also bring the items that provide all the requirements you need.

For example just by bringing your iPhone alone can replace your iPod, because iPhones can also play music. Another example, your iPad can replace your notebook, as iPads have built in internet connection and movies can be watched on them.

These are some of the travel packing tips for the most ridiculous items to leave at home. It may sound unbelievable, but the truth is that sometimes we do bring too much with us during our travels. The key is to prioritize and look at the bigger picture. Just pack the items that most likely will be used during your trip.

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